QR codes have gained popularity over the years. There are many free sites that allow you to generate and download a QR code for your business. However, some do not offer vector QR codes which is crucial for getting a good print that isn’t pixelated. When you blow up an image of a QR code for a big sign, the image loses resolution. A vector QR code will allow you to infinitely resize the code without losing any quality.

Tips for improving scannability:

A black QR code on white background will yield the most dependable result. However, if you want to get creative, you can add color to your design as I did in this step-by-step guide. Keep in mind the size your QR code will be once it’s printed- the larger you make your QR code on your design, the easier it will be for a phone to detect it. To ensure your QR code will work, always, always, always print a test before placing a large order.

The guide:

This guide will walk you through making a vector QR code using QRCode Monkey. To start, type in the web address you would like people who scan the code to be directed to. You can go ahead and hit “Create QR Code” if you just want a classic, clean QR code. Otherwise, you can keep going to set colors, add a logo, and customize the design of your QR code.

I would recommend not using the color or logo features on this site. You can edit the colors and add a logo once you are in Illustrator. When I downloaded a QR code I colored on the site, the program reverted my QR code back to black anyway. As far as adding a logo goes, it will be better to add a vector logo to your QR code once you are in Illustrator rather than uploading an image of your logo to this site.

Once you have customized your QR code how you would like it, download it as an .EPS file. If you download the .PDF version, it does not give you a vector QR code in this case.

Next, open the QR code .EPS in Illustrator by clicking on “Open” then “Downloads”.

To change the color of the QR code, start by selecting the whole QR code (CTRL+A is a shortcut), then double click on the “?”.

Select your color and then scroll all the way to the bottom of your layers panel and delete the Clip Group.

From here you can add a vector logo to your QR code if you so choose. It should still be able to be scanned with a phone just fine as long as you don’t cover up too much of the QR code. I always test it by holding up my phone to the computer screen. If it can’t be scanned by your phone on your computer screen, it probably won’t be able to be scanned once it prints!

Once you are done customizing your QR code, you should be able to easily resize your QR code to ANY SIZE without losing any quality! Now you can add it to your design and send it out to get printed!

Hope you found this guide for downloading and customizing a vector QR code for print helpful! Don’t forget to place a test order before you place a large order!