Everything You Need To Know About Yard Sign Stands

The 24″x18″ yard sign is a pretty standard product, but what about stands and stakes? This article will cover the different ways to show off your signage and help you figure out what you need for your project. Watch our comprehensive video below covering “U” shaped frames, the different sizes of “H” frames, spider stakes,


FireSprint Celebrates 15 Years of Printing

Friday, October 7th, we opened our doors to friends, family, and clients. It was our first Open House at the new shop and we were excited to show it off. Gene gave shop tours with several printers running. Sticker sheets, digitally printed yard signs, and screen printed yard signs were available to take home. We

Marking Up Signs

We often get asked how much our products should be marked up when reselling them to your customer. This is a constantly debated question, and one small part of the “Secret Sauce” that makes your business a success. Markup is what you add to the sale price so you can profit from your wholesale purchase.

How To Embed All Images in Adobe Illustrator

People assume that placing an image in Illustrator makes it embedded automatically, but this is a common mistake. When you add an image it becomes linked to Illustrator, but to embed it, there are a few extra steps. To escape awkward situations like “where did my images go” remember to embed your images before you

Material Highlight: PVC Sheet

Ever wonder why you would choose PVC over other materials? Here’s a bit more information to help you understand why PVC is so common in the signage industry. PVC is a rigid board of expanded closed-cell Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) extruded with a matte finish. It is directly printable using our UV Ink. PVC is available

Job Descriptions for Sign and Print Shops

Sign Shop Job Descriptions: How to get started

As a company grows, getting ideas down in writing becomes more and more critical. The thoughts and ideas of the founder(s) become increasingly difficult to instill in everyone. If you have never written anything down at your sign shop, a good place to start might be an employee’s job description. We have written job descriptions