The 24″x18″ yard sign is a pretty standard product, but what about stands and stakes? This article will cover the different ways to show off your signage and help you figure out what you need for your project. Watch our comprehensive video below covering “U” shaped frames, the different sizes of “H” frames, spider stakes, “D” wires, 30″ goal post stand, and the premier stake. While FireSprint does not sell all of these options, Gene explains the differences in stands across the industry.

“U” Shaped Frames

These frames are typically used with polyboard and polybag yard signs. The signs are like an envelope that fold over the upside-down “U” shaped frame. These particular frames and signs are not sold by FireSprint.

“H” Stakes

If you are ordering standard 4mm corrugated plastic yard signs, then you can usually buy standard “H” stakes from anywhere across the industry and the two will work together. FireSprint has your back for all your “H” stake needs! We carry three sizes: 10″x15″, 10″x24″, and 10″x30″. The 10″x24″ H frames are our most popular option as they lift the sign off the ground ever so slightly. With a 10″x15″, the sign touches the ground. With a 10″x30″, the sign is higher off the ground making it more susceptible to wind. Not only are “H” stakes cost effective, but they typically hold up just as good as more expensive stakes.

Sider Stakes

Sider stakes are made from a reinforced polymer material. They generally hold up pretty well and are slightly more expensive than standard “H” frames. Spider stakes hold a 4mm corrugated plastic sign up about the same height as a 10″x30″ “H” stake. They are also pretty good lookin!

“D” Wires

These are individual wires that are used with 4mm corrugated plastic signs. One wire is inserted into a flute on each side of the sign and then the sign is stuck into the ground! “D” wires are the simplest kinds of stakes you can find and are often used to put a rider on top of a sign as well.

Using Two “H” Stakes

For an oversized 4mm coro yard sign, use two “H” stakes! Two stands will give your sign added strength and durability in the elements. Think of doubling up before spending more money on a heavy duty stand option!

30″ Goal Post

The goal post frame is- you guessed it- actually shaped like a goal post. The lower bracket is very sturdy and is great for putting a 4mm corrugated plastic yard sign in difficult soil. Even though this is a heavier duty stake, they can fail since the lower half of the stand welded to the “U” shape. With a standard “H” stake, you have one solid wire running from the sign to the ground. If you are putting your sign somewhere really windy, it may be best to stick with the standard “H” stake.

Premier Stake

The premier stake is one of the more expensive options out there to be used with 4mm corrugated plastic yard signs. The lower half of the sign is very reinforced, but the top welds still pose the risk of failure like on the 30″ goal posts. Both the 30″ goal post and premier stake have the same failure rate as the standard “H” stake! Something to keep in mind before spending money on a more expensive stand.

As you can see, there are several options for yard sign stands. If you are new to the industry or yard signs, it can get confusing with so many options. When in doubt, the standard “H” stake is a good way to go. If you have any questions about what we carry or what is best for your project, you can email us at [email protected]!